Gàidhlig as t-Earrach | Spring Gaelic Weekend

June 7 – 9, 2024

A bheil sibh a’ sireadh cothrom gus Gàidhlig a bhruidhinn agus na sgilean cànan agaibh a leasachadh? Thigibh dhan cheann-seachdain, Gàidhlig as t-Earrach, far am bi clasaichean ann airson gach ìre agus far am bi naidheachdan, òrain, ceòl, danns’, agus capadaich gu leòr ann. (19+)

Are you looking for an opportunity to speak Gaelic and improve on your language skills? Come to our Spring Gaelic Immersion Weekend, Gàidhlig as t-Earrach, where there will be classes offered for every level and where we will be engaging in Gaelic stories, songs, music, dance, and plenty of Gaelic conversation. (19+)

Arrival: 6:30pm Friday (or 8:30am Saturday)

Departure: 3:00pm Sunday

Deadline: Extended to Monday, June 3

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Luchd-tòisichidh | Beginner

Luchd-tòisichidh Adhartach | Advanced Beginner

Eadar-mheadhanach | Intermediate

Clas nam Fileantach | Fluent Speakers


  • Live-in [classes, accommodations, and meals]:
    • Single: $320
    • Shared: $295
  • Day Student [classes and lunches]:
    • $150

Please note a $50 non-refundable deposit is due upon receipt of your invoice.

For more information, contact Gaelic Director Colin MacDonald at colin@gaeliccollege.edu.