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Each year, the Gaelic College is proud to award such generous bursaries to many grateful summer-school youth. We wish to extend our greatest thanks to all donors for their years of giving and wonderful support for the arts.

All bursaries distributed by the Gaelic College are based on need and interest. Two letters of support from a non-relative should accompany application. If mailing, May 15 postmark is acceptable. All students should apply to:

Colaisde na Gàidhlig | The Gaelic College
51779 Cabot Trail,
St. Ann’s, Nova Scotia,
B0E 1B0
TEL: (902) 295-3411 | FAX: (902) 295-2912
E-MAIL: margie@gaeliccollege.edu

  • Jim and Katherine Mae MacAulay Scholarship
    • This award, in memory of former Gaelic College President Jim MacAulay goes to a student showing demonstrated financial need and a strong interest in passing on the Gaelic culture of Nova Scotia.
  • Peggy MacAskill Bursary
    • Peggy MacAskill was a dear friend and long-time employee of Colaisde na Gàidhlig. These awards are funded by her friends and are awarded to students from Victoria with financial need who are pursuing studies in Nova Scotia Gaelic and Culture at Colaisde na Gàidhlig.
  • Major Sir Torquail Matheson Bursary
    • Provided by the Winnipeg Foundation, this scholarship is available to any Canadian Student attending the Gaelic College.
  • Galbraith Bursary
    • Provided by the Galbraith family, this award is presented to several students attending youth programming at Colaisde na Gàidhlig.
  • South Haven Guild of Weavers, Spinners, and Dyers Memorial Award
    • Two bursaries sponsored by the South Haven Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers, awarded to a student studying Weaving.
  • Clan Donald Bursary
    • Bursaries awarded if student falls under the following criteria: (1) Recipient must show a reasonable level of interest and ability in their chosen discipline. (2) Financial need is a consideration and (3) In the case of more than one applicant qualifying equally for the bursary, preference will be given to the applicant with a connection to Clan Donald or any of the septs of Clan Donald.
  • Sons of Scotland Bursary
    • This award is provided by the Sons of Scotland Foundation to youth studying Gaelic culture at Colaisde na Gàidhlig.
  • The Alex Currie Memorial Bursary for Bagpipe
    • A $500.00 bursary provided by the Learned Kindred of Currie and named for the famed Cape Breton piper, Alex Currie. This bursary is available to any deserving piping student and comes with no eligibility restrictions. The Gaelic College Bursary Selection Committee will make the decision on the recipient of this generous award with special attention to the student’s interest and need.
  • The Scots Society Bursary
    • Bursaries awarded by The Scots commemorate and celebrate current and former instructors who have inspired and fostered interest in Gaelic and Scottish culture. For nearly 100 years, numerous instructors have shared their expertise with the youth attending Colaisde na Gàidhlig. To honour their contributions, The Scots Society offers bursaries to students residing in the Halifax Regional Municipality, where the Society was founded in 1768.
  • Mike MacDougall Scholarship
    • A scholarship sponsored by the Cape Breton Fiddlers’ Association, awarded to a fiddle student who is a member of the Cape Breton Fiddlers’ Association.
  • John Allan Cameron Bursary
    • This bursary was created by the very generous Celtic Colours Festival Volunteer Drive’er Association who wished to express their respect and appreciation to the “Godfather of Celtic Music” – John Allan Cameron. Even though the Celtic world has lost a great spokesman, John Allan is still promoting his beloved Celtic roots through this bursary. Multiple bursaries are offered to Cape Breton students and are not limited to any specific discipline.
  • Nancy MacLean Bursary
    • Nancy MacLean was a fierce supporter of Gaelic music and culture, running the Baddeck Gathering Ceilidhs for many years and supporting youth, Gaelic artists and events in countless ways. The Nancy MacLean Scholarship goes towards supporting youth in attending our programming, in Gaelic language, music, dance and craft, with a preference given to students showing financial need and an interest in Cape Breton Fiddle music.
  • Alexander Clark Norman Bursary
    • The late Alex Norman, who had been a fiddle student here, left a provision in his will for a bursary to be awarded to a Nova Scotia Student studying Cape Breton Fiddle.
  • Gaelic College Foundation Bursary
    • This bursary, in memory of Sandy MacIntyre, a longtime fiddle instructor at the College, will assist with the costs for a young student learning the fiddle.
    • This bursary, in memory of Carl MacKenzie—a significant contributor to the island’s rich fiddle tradition—will assist with the costs for a young student learning the fiddle.
  • The Jim Bradley Bursary
    • Jim Bradley was a member of the College’s Board of Governors for more than 20 years. As Secretary-Treasurer, Jim was always around to help with any project and to sign cheques. Jim decided to retire from service during 2010. This scholarship will be awarded each year to a young piping student and covers the full cost (excluding travel) of attending a one-week session at our Summer School. It will be awarded based on the student’s ability, interest and need.
  • The Joe MacNeil Bursary
    • Joe MacNeil was a member of the College’s Board of Governors for 15 years including six years as Chair. Joe travelled from his home near St. Peters to faithfully attend meetings for all those years – rain or snow – it didn’t matter. Joe retired from the Board in October 2010. The scholarship is to be awarded annually to a young fiddle student and covers the full cost of attending a one-week session at our Summer School (excluding travel). It will be awarded based on the student’s ability, interest and need.