Na Gaisgich Òga

Na Gaisgich Òga | The Young Heroes is a Gaelic mentorship program for youth, that gives students the opportunity to be immersed in the Gaelic language, develop and improve language skills, be engaged in Gaelic cultural activities (such as song, storytelling, music, dance, and other traditional customs), and develop a deeper connection with the local Gaelic community in Nova Scotia, and in other areas in the world.

Applicants must be between the age of 10 and 16 years old, be a resident of Nova Scotia, and have a keen interest in the Gaelic language and culture. Prior knowledge of the language and culture is an asset.  

Students will be paired with a language mentor, a Gaelic speaker from their community who they will meet with regularly throughout the program.

The program motto “Thugam is Bhuam” literally means “To me and from me”, and refers to knowledge coming ‘to me’, and then being passed on to others ‘from me’.

Please email Colin MacDonald with any questions you may have about the program:

Deadline for application: August 15, 2022

  • Motivate students to learn, enjoy, share, and champion Gaelic Nova Scotia
  • Provide young learners with an opportunity to be immersed in Gaelic language and culture
  • Bring students closer to functional fluency in the language
  • Cultivate a sense of identity as young Gaels living in Nova Scotia
  • Enlighten youth to become aware and to respect inter-generational learning opportunities in regards to Gaelic cultural acquisition
  • Develop an awareness in youth of the unique opportunity they have to contribute to the growth of the language
  • Open to Nova Scotians ages 10 – 16
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the Gaelic language and culture in Nova Scotia
  • Demonstrate the intention to use Gaelic every day and to pass it on to others such as family, friends, and community.
  • Support from family in regards to speaking Gaelic and cultural learning
  • Parents/Guardians must be willing to assist with transportation to group sessions at The Gaelic College and mentor sessions.
  • Tuition is $500
  • Participants will complete 100 hours of Gaelic immersion, and 60 hours of cultural learning in English
  • Participants spend 5 hours per month with their language mentor selected by the program coordinators.
  • Participants must keep track of hours spent with their mentors, and what material was covered.
  • Students who have already completely the program are welcome to apply again.

For more information, contact Gaelic Director Colin MacDonald at