Come spend your day with us!

Keen on having a hands-on cultural learning experience for your group? Wanting to learn while on a fun class trip? Be sure to keep us in mind! We love visitors to our campus in St. Ann’s and are proud of this truly unique institution, so let us show you around. Pick and choose to make our offering fit your schedule, then contact us for further personalizing. We hope to deliver authentic pieces of Gaelic culture, all while having a pile of fun!

(Times seen below are approximate and flexible depending on interest and group size)

Get an introduction into the language and begin speaking it right away! Learn common phrases, perhaps your Gaelic name, a bit of history, and what’s happening with the language today. Before long, students will jump into a traditional song and take part in our very own milling frolic! [30 minute session]
Get up on the floor and try your hand, or in this case feet, at traditional Cape Breton step dancing! Participants get the chance to try this old, yet vibrant style while learning a bit about strathspeys, jigs, and reels. A great starting point for square dancing, we’ll be able to put our steps to use in the accompanying session. [15 minute session]
A big part of Cape Breton and Gaelic College culture is the traditional Gaelic music found here, so let’s talk about it. What are the origins, what makes it unique, and what does it sound like? Hear the fiddle, watch accompaning instruments, and maybe even catch a bagpipe demonstration. [15 minute session]
The island is full of characters and the stories that go along with them, another big part of local island culture. Participants will have the chance to hear Gaelic spoken fluently then translated, and learn some of the distinct folklore of the area and its people. [30 minute session]
Square dancing has played a big part in dance culture in Cape Breton, and combines great physical activity with fun, social time. Participants pair up and learn parts of a 3-figure set, keeping up with the fast-paced jigs and reels. [30 minute session]
The precursor to the modern-day kilt, the great kilt was a multi-purpose garment used by ancient Scots. Watch as our master kilt makers transform 9-metres of tartan fabric into this extraordinary piece, and dress one of our visitors in this traditional garb. [30 minute session]
Craft is another vital part of Gaelic history and culture, and has been recently reinvigorated at the College with an upgraded weaving centre now open on campus. Students will take part in hands-on activities in weaving and dyeing yarn with kool-aid! This session is only available in certain seasons. [30 minute session]
A feature seen daily during summer sessions at the College, we offer a lunchtime ceilidh option for a chance to hear the live music in full force. Participants can bring meals (school groups) to our lunchroom, or our expert kitchen staff can prepare a meal just for you while our musical staff takes the stage for samplings of fiddle, piano, piping, song, and dance. [45 minute session]