Learn from the comfort of home

Can’t be here in person? Here’s the next best thing. With options of short video lessons on demand, or joining an online class in real time, there are more ways than ever to begin and continue your cultural learning all year long.

  • September 2022 – April 2023
  • Intended for all ages and levels
  • Colaisde na Gàidhlig is pleased to present Gaelic Online, Gàidhlig air Loidhne, a Scottish Gaelic language program, dedicated to teaching its students to read, write, and speak the language.
  • Winter 2023 (January – March)
  • Spring 2023 (April – June)
  • Fall 2023 (October – December)
  • Intended for all ages and all levels
  • This online bundle of instruction includes Gaelic language, fiddle, piano accompaniment, guitar accompaniment, step dance, highland dance, and piping. For one flat rate of $135, students can access any and all available classes over the 8 week schedule.
  • Available now
  • Intended for all ages, beginner to intermediate levels
  • In these pre-recorded lessons, students have the opportunity to learn in an easy and convenient way all from the comfort of home. The lessons are professionally filmed with the student’s perspective in mind, and feature local instructors who are all masters of their craft.