Oidhche Shamhna Ghàidhealach | Halloween Gaelic Weekend

Due to COVID-19, and the regulations surrounding overnight events, we are unable to move forward with our Halloween Gaelic Weekend this year. Instead we are planning to have Gaelic language workshops during the day on Saturday, October 24th, 2020. Please stay tuned for more information.   
Spend the weekend at our beautiful St. Ann’s campus, while learning the Gaelic language in an exciting, useful, and enthralling way! During the course of a year, the College offers three Gaelic weekends, each with its own special theme. The weekends offer instruction in the Gàidhlig Aig Baile (GAB) style of teaching, which allows students to be fully immersed, even at a most beginner level. Classes are available in a variety of topics and skill levels, [Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Youth] with evening activities to only enhance your stay. One of the most special features is the open invitation made to native Gaelic speakers in the surrounding communities, from which we learn so much. We also encourage learning for all ages and have special classes dedicated for youth, so parents, be sure to bring your children along as well! Learning meets community, meets music and dance, meets storytelling, and equals fun! This weekend will blend spooky fun and traditional Gaelic Halloween practices, with time set aside just for ghost stories, old-fashioned fuarag, and a masquerade square-dance!
  • Day Student [includes lunch]
    • Saturday classes only: $55 + tax
    • Saturday and Sunday: $110 + tax
  • Friday Night Arrival [classes, weekend stay and meals]
    • Double (shared room): $225 + tax
    • Single: $250 + tax
  • Saturday Morning Arrival [classes, night stay and meals]
    • Double (shared room): $180 + tax
    • Single: $195 + tax
  • Youth [under 16, includes classes, weekend stay and meals]
    • Dorm (shared room): $75 + tax (Great deal!)

Youth must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. At least one parent/per family, or one guardian/per 3 kids. If parent or guardian is not attending class, they would just pay for meals and accommodations. Please note that a $50 non-refundable deposit (per person) is due upon registering.

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For more information, contact Gaelic Director Colin MacDonald at colin@gaeliccollege.edu.