The role of house parent is taken very seriously at Colaisde na Gàidhlig. House parents assume responsibility over the entire student population on campus during the session. The Gaelic College’s number one priority during school programming is the safety and well-being of the children we have on campus, and for this, house parents are integral. We take pride in having qualified house parents with good references and applicable skills.

It is Gaelic College policy that the house parent must be parent/guardian to a student attending the session. House parents are provided rooms and meals for the duration of the session as remuneration for their service.

During youth sessions, we separate the accommodations for boys and girls into two dorms: MacKenzie Hall for the girls, and MacLeod House for the boys. Except for attending classes or supervised use of laundry facilities, boys are not permitted in girls’ dorm hallways, and girls are not permitted in MacLeod House. No students are permitted in Highland House (instructor’s residence) except for classes. We usually have male house parents with the boys, female house parents with the girls, and female house parents are sometimes needed in the boys’ dorm.

House parents are encouraged to be present at registration to introduce themselves to students, and/or help them get settled. There will be a mandatory orientation meeting with all live-in students at 8pm on the arrival night, where house parents will be introduced to the students, and the rules will be reviewed. House parents will serve night lunch, and get together during night lunch for a meeting with the School Director or School Assistant to be informed of any student needs and to divide house parent responsibilities. House parents will be given room lists, and medical/allergy lists.

House parents, if interested, will be permitted to participate in one class per day, so long as there are always 3-5 other house parents “on duty” at all times throughout the day. A schedule can be drafted and followed in this regard.

A Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Screening, 2 letters of reference, and the houseparent application form must be sent to the School Director at either by email at or fax at 902-295-2912.

Fill out the application form below and send in 3 weeks prior to start of session.

  • Review and enforce the Student Rules.
  • Perform a student count by at least 11:00pm, if not earlier, to ensure all students are in their proper residences. For pre-teens, curfew is 9PM with lights out by 9:30PM. For teens, curfew is 10PM with lights out at 10:30PM. All students require a good night’s sleep and enforcing this rule is absolutely essential to the well-being and the learning potential of students.
  • Supervise students’ laundry. Students are permitted to use laundry facilities in the first-floor bathroom of MacLeod House any time after class. All laundry must be finished by 8:15PM.
  • Check washrooms daily for needs like toilet tissue, towels, etc.
  • Monitor students’ wristbands and ensure they are presented to cafeteria staff for all meals.
  • Perform a daily inspection of students’ rooms and empty garbage daily. It is expected that House parents will ensure students are prepared for departure on last night of stay, with all students in dorm rooms made to clean any mess made during the session.
  • Patrol any incoming food from students for snacking, with complete disposal if deemed unsafe for others. We endeavor to be a peanut-free facility and we abide by many strict rules on food restrictions in our kitchen for students. We expect students not to bring any food containing nuts or peanuts, as this is a very common allergy. House parents will be given a list of students who have registered their medical requirements/allergies.
  • Serve night lunch to the students and clean up afterwards. Most often night lunch is prepared for 8:00PM but may vary depending on evening activities.
  • Ensure that residences are empty during class times and that all students are in classes – unless a student is ill.
  • Fill out an incident report when there is an incident, and when administering first aid.
  • If there is a problem, notify the School Director immediately. If not available, contact a staff member on campus right away.
  • If there is an emergency, call 911 and notify the School Director immediately. If not available, contact a staff member on campus right away.
  • Make sure that students are up, showered and dressed appropriately before coming to the dining room for breakfast. This means enforcing the dress code.
  • Ensure that all students are in attendance for morning assembly.