Shannon MacMullin

Gaelic Language

Sionainn ni’n Aonghais ‘ic Iain Peadair | Shannon MacMullin Shannon is an old soul with a curious mind, generous spirit and special love of Nova Scotia Gaels, their language and culture. Belonging to Upper Grand Mira, she always wanted to learn her grandfather’s language but didn’t get the chance until decades later when she attended Gàidhlig aig Baile immersion classes in Halifax. She picked up the language quickly, and is a strong believer in immersion methodology. Through her Bun is Bàrr mentorship with Seumas Watson, Anna MacKinnon and Mickey John H MacNeil, Shannon was introduced to the world of the Gaelic speaker and began learning songs, stories, community and family histories. Shannon is a bridge for the learner into the world of the Nova Scotian Gael and is a dedicated professional and passionate about sharing all she has learned with others. She designs and hosts extended immersion sessions throughout the province and has planned events such as A’ Togail na Gàidhlig month-long live-in Gaelic language and cultural immersion and the 8-month immersion program, Cainnt is Cànan. She is currently working at Highland Village Museum as a Cultural Experiences Coordinator. She’s passionate about celebrating Gàidhlig language and culture and creating spaces for Gaels to gather.
An Nollaig Ghàidhealach | Christmas Gaelic Weekend