Roger Stone

Guitar Accompaniment

Visit any variety of local eating, beverage and live music establishments in Halifax and you will find one of the Maritimes mainstay musical treasures, Roger Stone. For the past 30 plus years, Roger has been delivering a consistent and expansive repetoire of Maritime folk and contemporary music of the 60’s and 70’s built on a base of traditional Celtic themed tunes. Whether playing solo or collaborating with multiple local talents, Roger is sought after for his multiinstrumental and vocal skill. Roger lives in a perpetual school of life and music sharing his knowledge and capable technique in his teaching of guitar and banjo.

Born in Richmond County, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, his musical roots are deep with a family long on talent. Roger has a knack for bringing us all along with him in his story telling, original songs and unique interpretations of many existing music genres. Roger’s history of playing locally and world wide stems from early days in bluegrass and folk moving into playing lead in many well loved bands including Brakin Traditon, Breton, Millers Jug and more recently long running McGinty. Roger is a true local music professional and is described as such by all who know him, work with him and have a pleasure to enjoy his music. He is a quintessential embassador of Maritime music and inspires us with so much more.
Summer Youth Session 3