Màiri Lambourne

Gaelic Language / Gaelic Drama

Màiri Lambourne is from North Grant, Antigonish County. She first started to learn Gaelic language at St. F.X. University. Mairi is very grateful to have had the opportunity to take An Cùrsa Bogaidh, the month long immersion program from Colaisde na Gàidhlig, where she was able to make breakthroughs with her fluency. She takes any opportunity she can to learn more, and over the years she has taken part in numerous classes and programs, such as Daltachas and Bun is Bàrr. Màiri currently teaches Core Gaelic at H.M. MacDonald Elementary, St. Andrews Consolidated, and the Antigonish Education Centre, where she shares her passion for Gaelic language, culture and heritage with others.
Summer Youth Session 3