Emily MacDonald

Gaelic Language / Gaelic Drama

Emily MacDonald is an experienced Gaelic educator and speaker from Ainslie Glen, Cape Breton Island. She is a graduate of St. Francis Xavier University where she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Celtic Studies and Bachelor of Education Degree. Emily is trained in Total Immersion Plus and Gàidhlig aig Baile methodologies. A hard-working, well-organized self-starter, Emily began the youth mentorship program, Na Gaisgich Òga | The Young Heroes, while serving as Gaelic Director at Colaisde na Gàidhlig. Emily has been involved in Gaelic initiatives such as the An Drochaid Eadarainn website, and has been instrumental in the development of recent Gaelic preschool programming in Inverness County. Emily co-facilitated the successful four-week residential Gaelic immersion program, A’ Togail na Gàidhlig, which took place in 2016. She enjoys visiting and speaking Gaelic with friends and elders, especially along with her two children, Archie and Rosie.
March Break Youth Session 2