Angus MacLeod

Gaelic Language

Angus MacLeod is a resident of St. Ann’s Bay, Cape Breton where he grew up in a Gaelic speaking home. He learned Gaelic as an adult from local native speakers, songs and Gaelic literature,and has a keen awareness of the learning process for adult learners. Angus has been teaching Gaelic since 1998. He was the first teacher in North America to employ the “Total Immersion Plus” language learning methodology for Gaelic and has taught Gaelic at venues throughout Canada and the United States. He is also a Gaelic singer, actor (Faire Chaluim MhicLeòid) artist, writer and host of the radio program “Mar a Chuala Mi I” on Hard To Port Radio. Angus brings a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to his classes, along with historical perspectives and a generous dose of humour.
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