Dawn Beaton

Step Dance

Dawn hails from Mabou, Cape Breton and has been playing fiddle, and step dancing for over 30 years. As a passionate advocate and supporter of the arts, it comes as no surprise that music has been at the forefront of her life, surrounded by it through an infusion from her parents, her relatives, and living in the vibrant community of Mabou. Her long standing involvement as both a Cape Breton Gaelic style fiddler and step dancer, and as Artistic Director of the Celtic Colours International Festival are proof of that. She credits many influences on her playing, but cites Natalie MacMaster, Stan Chapman and Fr. Angus Morris as having the greatest impact through their playing and teaching. Dawn is often seen performing alongside musical sister, Margie. Together they have performed and taught in various corners of the world, together or with fellow musical friends Kenenth MacKenzie and Jason Roach. Additionally, Dawn serves on volunteer boards and makes it a point to volunteer her musical skills to many worthwhile local charities.
Summer Youth Session 1