Colaisde na Gàidhlig is first and foremost an educational non-profit institution, offering year-round programming in the culture, music, language, crafts, customs, and traditions of the immigrants from the Highlands of Scotland. The only institution of its kind in North America, students of all ages and skill levels visit the College every year to study under some of the finest instructors in Nova Scotia Gaelic culture.

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We believe investing time in cultural appreciation at a young age positively affects a person for the rest of their life. Check out our programming specially designed for kids.

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We are first and foremost a continuing education institution with hopefully something to offer everyone, regardless of age or expertise. Join in on an upcoming adult session.

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Plan a visit to the Hall of the Clans Museum

Plan a visit to the Hall of the Clans Museum

Built at the site of landed Scottish immigrants, St. Ann's and Cape Breton boast a fascinating history and heritage. Learn of the local story in a self-guided museum tour, get a chance to view Gaelic films, and take part in interactive cultural demonstrations. (seasonal)

Let us make a kilt just for you

Let us make a kilt just for you

For decades, the College has offered traditional, hand-stitched kilt-making and custom-tartan clothing through our Craft Shop, creating treasured heirlooms to pass along from generation to generation. Visit our campus to learn more and begin your own creation process.

Help support the effort

Help support the effort

Since 1938, the College has always remained an independent and largely independently-funded, non-profit organization with a simple mission to preserve the language and traditions that came to this area. With your support, we can continue on this path and help to ensure that those traditions live on.

Think of us when planning your next event

Think of us when planning your next event

Secluded and tucked away yet central on the island, Colaisde na Gàidhlig is a great meeting place for you and your guests. Open all year, and with oodles of options to choose from, think of us when planning your big day.

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‘S sinne a tha deiseil airson na Nollaig’! Tha a’ chraobh shuas, tha a h-uile rud air a sgeadachadh cho laghach, agus tha na seòmraichean-teagaisg uile air dòigh. An do chuir thu a-staigh fhathast?

We are all ready to celebrate Christmas with you! The tree is up, everything is decorated perfectly, and the classrooms are ready and waiting for students to arrive. Did you register yet? If not, you have to the end of the day Friday!

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An Nollaig Ghàidhealach | Our Christmas Gaelic Weekend is coming up, running December 8 – 10, 2023. We`re thrilled to welcome back Bernard Cameron who will teach our Luchd-tòiseachaidh | Beginner class.

You may remember seeing Bernard and his family featured in a Mìos nan Gàidheal | Gaelic Nova Scotia Month poster back in 2017 demonstrating the theme `Gaelic Runs Deep Here.` It`s not hard to tell he comes from a long line of proud Gaels, and continues to work at home and community to ensure the ways of his people continue onward.

He is a retired Gaelic school teacher and GAB adult language tutor. He was born to Gaelic speaking parents and raised in the Gaelic speaking area of Northeast Mabou. He took Celtic Studies and Gaelic at StFX and lived in Scotland for a year. Besides his past involvement with the language at Bayview Education Centre, Bernard is a member of Féis Mhàbu, Comhairle na Gàidhlig and the singing group Còisir nan Eilean.

Sign up soon! Deadline: December 1

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An Nollaig Ghàidhealach | Our Christmas Gaelic Weekend is coming up, running December 8 – 10, 2023. We`re thrilled to welcome back Hannah Krebs who will lead our Eadar-mheadhanach | Intermediate class.

Growing up in Ontario, Hannah Krebs began learning Gaelic when she moved to Nova Scotia for university. Since then, she has undertaken numerous opportunities through school and in the community to learn Gaelic, and appreciates every chance she gets to soak in Nova Scotia’s Gaelic culture. Hannah holds a BA (Hons.) in Celtic Studies from St. FX and a HE Certificate in Gàidhlig is Conaltradh from Sabhal Mòr Ostaig. She has spent the last few years working at Baile nan Gàidheal, the Highland Village Museum in Iona and enjoys singing in Gaelic, dancing, and playing the fiddle and concertina.

Sign up through link in bio.

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An Nollaig Ghàidhealach | Our Christmas Gaelic Weekend is coming up, running December 8 – 10, 2023. We`re thrilled to welcome back Margie Beaton who will lead our Clas nam Fileantach | Fluent Speakers.

Margie Beaton, born and raised on the isle of Eriskay, has been a resident of Mabou now for over forty-five years. A key player in the Nova Scotian Gaelic revival, she first arrived to the area on a Gaelic education mission in 1975 and has been here contributing in numerous ways ever since. She and her husband Stanley have raised a family of four girls and are proudly devoted to their six grandchildren. Now a retired teacher, Margie has undoubtedly influenced hundreds of former students now also leaders in community.

Gaelic language and culture have always been Margie’s priorities and she has been a volunteer with the Mabou Gaelic & Historical Society since its founding, as well as being involved in all aspects of An Drochaid Museum, be it in history or language or in the many events which the Museum continues to host. A former Vice Chair of Colaisde na Gàidhlig, she promotes the language in the wider sphere while also continuing to support and offer guidance to Taigh Sgoile na Drochaide, the Gaelic medium school which opened in Mabou three years ago. She is a member of St. Mary’s Church choir while Còisir an Eilein is yet another area where her linguistic and musical expertise is in demand to help prepare for concert performances.

She was involved with the development of curriculum and resources for Gaelic Language and Gaelic Studies for the Department of Education and developed and piloted the first online courses for the Strait Regional school Board. In addition to areas mentioned, she has been active as a member of Comhairle na Gàidhlig; Na Gaisgich Òga; An Clachan Gàidhealach; Seinneadairean Mhàbu; Luathadh Mòr Mhàbu; Gàidhlig aig Baile; Mabou Cèilidh; Atlantic Gaelic Academy; young Mabou singers; exchange groups to Scotland; Gaelic Parent & Tot Gaelic Classes; and more.

Continued in comments…

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Registration is now open!
Link in bio.

December 8 – 10, 2023

A bheil thu measail air an Nollaig agus dualchas nan Gàidheal? Am bu thoigh leat do chuid Ghàidhlig a leasachadh gun leughadh is sgrìobhadh? A bheil thu airson pàirt a ghabhail ann an clas a tha tro mheadhan na Gàidhlig? A bheil thu ’sireadh cothruim gus Gàidhlig a bhruidhinn ann an suidheachadh a tha nàdarra, cofhurtail, is brosnachail? Ma tha, bhiodh fàilte bhlàth romhad aig An Nollaig Ghàidhealach!

Are you a fan of Christmas Gaelic traditions and customs? Would you like to improve on your Gaelic without having to do any reading and writing? Do you want to participate in a class that is offered through the medium of Gaelic? Are you seeking an opportunity to speak Gaelic and converse in a natural, comfortable, and encouraging setting? If so, you would be most welcome at our Christmas Gaelic Weekend!

Age: 19+

Note: A Youth Class will not be offered this time, but our youth mentorship program, Na Gaisgich Òga will be onsite.

Deadline: December 1

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Oidhche Shamhna Sona Dhuibh!
A beautiful day here in St. Ann’s as we end off October on a high note. 🎃

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It’s been such a busy season, but our Craft Shop is now in the home stretch for 2023. This is our last official week open, 9am-4pm. Come on in and shop local! ...

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Éist ri Beul na h-Oidhche le Cailean Dòmhnullach far am faighear fuaim na Gàidhlig gach seachdain bho Diluain gu Dihaoine eadar 7:00 f – 9:00 f!

Tune in to CBFM Monday to Friday from 7:00pm – 9:00pm for an all-Gaelic radio program, Beul na h-Oidhche (Dusk), with host Colin MacDonald!

🎧 Click over to cbfm dot ca right now and listen in! 🎧

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Our mystery instructor has been revealed! Mr. Hector MacNeil will be joining us this coming weekend and leading our Advanced Beginner class. We`ve extended our deadline to register - so sign up before tomorrow and then join us in person real soon!!

Hector MacNeil was born and raised in Portage, a rural community ten miles west of Sydney, Cape Breton. Hector ’s interest in Gaelic comes to him from his father, “Hector Joe” MacNeil of Castle Bay, Cape Breton. It was through his father and the people of Castle Bay that Hector came to identify strongly with the Gaelic culture as a whole. Hector worked at a number of jobs after completing high school – warehouseman, union organizer, construction worker, log builder, pulp cutter and silviculturist. He was in his late 20’s when he enrolled at St. F.X University and it was in his first year Gaelic class, that he determined that he could – and that he would – become fluent in the language. Since finishing his MA in Celtic Studies in the late 80’s, he has taught Gaelic to students of all ages in many different settings and has held various offices within the Gaelic community of Nova Scotia.

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We are into the home stretch of our cultural demonstration offering for the season - just two days left to learn with us about the Great kilt, Gaelic lesson and milling frolic, and music and step dancing. Come by Wednesday or Thursday from 10:30am-12:00pm then stay on for lunch! Demos are just $5 and paid in our Craft Shop. #learnwithus ...

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A bheil fhios agad cò th` ann? Guess who the Mystery Instructors is in the comments below and if you`re right, receive $20 off your next Gaelic Weekend! You can only guess once so make it count! Our Mystery Instructor and winner will be revealed October 10th! ...

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