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Nov 2014

The Award-Winning, Gail Montgomery!

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Halifax, N.S. (November 26, 2014) – On November 25th the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia (TIANS) hosted the 2014 Crystal Tourism Awards as the grand finale to the 37th Annual Tourism Summit – Tourism Works for Nova Scotia. Nine Crystal Tourism Awards of Excellence were presented to organizations and individuals who have excelled in their particular category. The winners this year are:

– Mr. Donald Wallace – Alastair and Frances Campbell Tourism Achievement Award
– NovaScotian Crystal – Tourism Business of the Year Award
– Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon – Ambassador Award
– Wolfville Magic Winery Bus Tour – Tourism Innovator Award
– Ms. Wendy Swedlove – Human Resource Leadership Award
– Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design – Parks Canada Sustainable Tourism Award
– Ms. Gail Montgomery – Golden Hospitality Award
– Mr. Eldon George – Tourism Champion
– Organizing Committee, Sherbrooke Village Old Fashioned Christmas – Community Service Award

Also presented were the 2014 Pineapple Awards – a celebration of our Pride in Service and of the individuals who go above and beyond to enrich visitor experiences. Throughout the year, visitors to Nova Scotia complete Pineapple Awards ballots located in hundreds of establishments throughout the province. The winners this year are:

– Mr. Glen Morrison – Hampton Inn by Hilton, Membertou
– Ms. Liz Ingram-Chambers – Le Bistro By Liz, Halifax
– Ms. Tish Moses – Yarmouth Visitor Information Centre, Yarmouth

Working with partner associations and stakeholders, TIANS is committed to representing the best interests of the Industry; enhancing and supporting the development of a competitive business environment; advocating on issues critical to the Industry’s success; and most importantly, leading Nova Scotia’s most promising economic sector.


Our Award Nomination

Growing up in Tarbot, and now living just a wee hike up the road from the Gaelic College on the North Shore, Gail intimately knows the area, its offerings, and its people. She grew up in a family gifted with a natural ability for creativity, talented with their hands and minds. At a young age, she found herself to be creative and skilled, taking a liking to sewing in particular. It was in 1980 Gail first began at the Gaelic College, where she worked and studied as a kiltmaker. This would lead to fulltime employment and, with time, passing the lessons, skills, and attention to detail she developed on to her own understudy. She had a keen sense of organization, making her ideal for Craft Shop management. Her trustworthy presence and loyalty to the institution made for only more opportunity, with Gail taking on the title of Director of Hospitality, the position she still holds today.

To say Gail is dedicated is an understatement, with the College becoming a huge part of her life as she works tirelessly to ensure each guest has a positive experience, and the College maintains a reputation in good standing.  Since taking on the role of hostess with the most, hospitality rentals on our campus have gone through the roof. With a College like no other, and little to no advertising of hospitality offerings, Gail has made quite the name for herself and the impeccable service she provides. Her work has provided a source of income for all seasons, and kept this non-profit, independent institution running strong.

It is the usual case for Gail to do complete preparations for every event; decorating, looking after any special requirements, welcoming guests, serving food, bartending, volunteering her husband John, and then cleaning and preparing for the next day, all well into the wee hours. Early mornings, weekends, holidays, and the other countless hours she puts in have made Gail a most trusted member of staff, and a true source of inspiration. The College has been standing for 76 years, with Gail a huge part of its history, now for over 34 years.

Gail epitomizes Nova Scotian hospitality, welcoming all guests to campus as if it were her own kitchen. Her down-to-earth manner, coupled with her energy, enthusiasm, and attention to detail ensure each visitor is made to feel special. We can think of no better recipient for your Golden Hospitality award than Mrs. Gail Montgomery.

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