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Apr 2015

Thank You, Sons of Scotland Foundation!

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The College just recently received word of new bursaries being donated to assist young learners this summer, and we couldn’t be more excited! Having cultural-programmed learning is one thing, but making it accessible to more is another – and thanks to donations like this, the possibility is there. We asked Keith Feir, President of the Sons of Scotland Foundation out of British Columbia just why they chose to get involved.


How did you hear about Colaisde na Gàidhlig / The Gaelic College? Do you have a connection here?
We searched the web for Universities and Colleges that provided education in Scottish/Celtic studies, as this was our mandate when we organized the Foundation two years ago.


Why did you decide the College was a worthy spot to donate?
Your programming was very diversified and involves the students in a variety of learning experiences. In addition you provide facilities for boarding students from other locations.


What is the prize you are making available in 2015?
We are donating $1800 to cover 3 boarding students and one day student in the youth summer program.


What do you hope comes from this donation?
We want to ensure that the Scottish arts are taught and learned in a manner which will ensure that they live on for many generations to come.


To learn more about the Sons of Scotland Foundation, see their website.

To learn how you can also contribute to our bursary fund, email us at info@gaeliccollege.edu, or phone directly 902-295-3411.

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