A new course offering from Colaisde na Gàidhlig – Cùrsaichean air Astar, an interactive, online language learning bundle.

There may be a big change in your plans for spring this year, but it doesn’t mean your learning has to stop. With members of our staff/instructors Kenneth MacKenzie, Joyce MacDonald, and Colin MacDonald, we’re gearing up to offer 3 new Scottish Gaelic language online courses – all interactive, all lighthearted and fun, and all from the comfort and safety of home.

Starting April 21 and running for 10 weeks, we plan to offer intermediate learners options in Gaelic conversation, transcription, and writing practice. Students can register for one or all three options for a more intensive bundle. Registration now closed.

All courses will use the online meeting application Zoom. To join a meeting or find out more, click here.


Tuesdays | 10 weeks | 2 hours | 1pm-3pm (AST) | Starts April 21
An opportunity for intermediate learners to improve their conversational skills in Scottish Gaelic. Each session will be led by two experienced instructors and students will be presented with questions, situations, pictures and other materials to stimulate conversation. Instructors will provide guidance and facilitate conversation. Students will break into smaller groups at times to be given more opportunity to practice conversation. 
Wednesdays | 10 weeks | 1.5 hours | 1pm-2:30pm (AST) | Starts April 22
An introduction to transcription for intermediate learners. We will use archival recordings of Nova Scotian Gaelic speakers to get students listening intently to the nuances of inflection, pronunciation and sentence construction. This course provides an opportunity for students to practice their writing skills, train their ears, and to learn stories from the Scottish Gaelic oral tradition.
Thursdays | 10 weeks | 1.5 hours | 1pm-2:30pm (AST) | Starts April 23
An opportunity for students to practice their writing skills in Scottish Gaelic through creative writing and journaling. Students will receive a weekly writing prompt, and submit their creations for feedback on spelling and grammar. They will also read their stories aloud to the other people in the class. Students will keep a daily journal in Scottish Gaelic throughout the course.
  • 1 course: $215
  • 2 courses: $400
  • All 3 courses: $585
For more information, contact Joyce at joyce@gaeliccollege.edu