Sarah Hoy


Sarah Hoy comes from a family steeped in Scottish traditional music. Sessions and house ceilidhs were a great part of her musical upbringing. Sarah’s Dad, Derek was a member of the highly acclaimed band Jock Tamson’s Bairns.

Sarah met her husband, Fin Moore when they started playing as a duo after leading sessions in Birnam, a village recognised as a centre of Scots music in the heartlands of Perthshire. They quickly became in demand for other session work and concert performances further afield. Fin and Sarah draw a lot of their repertoire from old Scottish melodies and are noted for the tightness in their playing as their music swings along. The tone of the pipes and fiddle complement each other beautifully. 

Sarah is passionate about teaching music and has enjoyed being part of the Scots Music Group in Edinburgh and teaching at various summer schools in Scotland, USA and Canada. Fin and Sarah have enjoyed performing, in the dynamic step dance group, Dannsa. As well as playing together Sarah has performed with The Bella MacNab’s Dance Band and The Birnam Quartet. Sarah and Fin are both known to give a step or two if the music moves them! 

Summer Youth Session 3