Jake Charron

Piano Accompaniment

Jake Charron has been busy the past 10 years writing music and touring the world with Juno award-winning band The East Pointers. When he is not on the road, he is in the studio, producing and recording music with some of the finest musicians on the scene. As a multi-instrumentalist and collaborator, Jake has released critically acclaimed duo albums with Grammy-nominated fiddle player Liz Carroll, and Canada’s award winning fiddler Shane Cook. Jake is a co-founder of SpaceCamp Studios in Charlottetown, and has been recording and producing new music for The East Pointers (PE), Kinley (PE), Inn Echo (PE), Trials of Cato (UK), Waymzy (ON), Trad Attack (Estonia), and his newly formed group “6 Hearts”, a project featuring members of The East Pointers and Vishten.
Summer Youth Session 2