Fin Moore


Fin Moore is a piper, born & bred. He plays the Highland pipes, Border pipes and Scottish Small Pipes. For five years, he played in the Vale of Atholl Juvenile Band and is now working with his father, Hamish, as very successful pipe makers. They have made over 1,000 sets of pipes. Their pipes are played all over the world and appear on dozens of recordings.

Fin has gained a great reputation as a teacher. He has taught at various schools in Scotland as well as a weekly SMG class in Edinburgh. As well as this, he has been involved in teaching worldwide, most regularly in North America and Europe. Fin performs with and is a member of Dannsa, a dance company based in the Highlands, who have worked all over Scotland for the last 12 years. He is also a founding member of the Pipe Quartet Seudan. Seudan have recorded one CD and have also played throughout Scotland and Europe and Canada.  As well as this, Fin plays with Sarah Hoy in a Border Pipe and Fiddle duo.

Fin has also been practicing his step dancing, which means he can sometimes be seen giving a step or two! Although he hasn’t recorded a solo album yet, he appears on several compilation albums and played on two of Andrea Beaton albums.

Summer Youth Session 3