Dominique Dodge


Dominique Dodge is a harper and singer based in Vermont. She is deeply grounded in the music and song traditions of Scotland, Cape Breton, and Ireland. Dominique has a passion for melody-driven dance music and creative, rhythmic accompaniment as well as for songs, airs, and 18th century harp music.

She is a former Fulbright Scholar and graduate of the University of Limerick, from which she earned an MA in Irish Music Performance in 2012. She also holds a BA honors in Scottish Music from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. Dominique has extensive experience in traditional arts education, having taught for the Youthworks program at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, the Gaelic College, urban schools projects in St. Louis, Middlebury College, and many other programs for students of all ages and abilities. Dominique has a vibrant teaching practice and runs a monthly workshop series called the Champlain Valley Harp Gathering. She has been performing, recording, teaching, and organizing traditional arts events on both sides of the Atlantic for over ten years.
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